I wanted to consult with a psychologist but being from the SOUTH with an old-fashioned family they advised me against it, and told me it was a passing and normal thing that can happen.

I do not believe in their evaluation and I think that I will still go to a psychologist at my expense in secret because I am sure that mine is a real problem.

I would like to know yours on this incident which is not the only one because even with many other girls who approach me I do not get poked and I feel a state of total block.

You know, sometimes it has happened to me too, but if this creates anxiety, nothing prevents you from contacting a qualified professional. Maybe you should go to an andrologist more than a psychologist. However, I believe that it is a block of a psychogenic nature, it is statistically impossible or almost a diagnosis of impotence at 19!

P.S. Haven’t you even tried making out? I say that if you lemon a girl, and maybe in the meantime you can even touch her ass and tits, your “little brother” gets to attention, that’s all!

Then I wanted to tell you that through social media I receive enough consents and likes from beautiful girls, but the fact is that I really don’t know where to start to get some experience.

Oh, I also had to tell you that I have been attracted to a simple and very pretty girl for almost two years.

This girl is like my muse… when I see her my heart stops.

She is a girl who doesn’t shit anyone in town and she’s really cute … However, last year I let her know that I was interested through a friend of mine who knew her well.

This friend of mine gave us a good word about me … then I wrote it on instagram and we started talking.

A week later I met her on the street and we talked, but she was very cold detached and scared of my presence and I didn’t do much.

Then on instagram I wrote her and she texted me clearly saying she was not interested and it was a waste of time if I kept talking to her.

The fact is that even when I see her it is as if I saw a divinity and I cannot understand the fact that she does not return my love since nobody shits it.

Even if now it seems to me she is engaged and I would like to forget her but I don’t know how to do it.

Sorry if I overloaded you with all this information but I had to make my situation clearer

So, first basic concept: a woman in the very moment in which she knows you already decides if for her you can be a possible partner, or a friend, or simply a poor good-for-nothing loser. So it DOESN’T make sense to waste weeks or months “wooing her” (a concept that nowadays no longer has any meaning), let alone if she has already refused you!

But beyond this circumstance, which leaves the time it finds, the fact is that you have to start from scratch, like me at the time, and how many have this kind of difficulty: but one thing is to do it at 19 , and quite another thing when you have twice as much, in which case it becomes dramatic. To get some experience I suggest you also try with some girl who may not be the best, but who is more likely to fit you, in the meantime so that you can unlock yourself and start practicing, secondly because at your age a serious story is unthinkable. , even if you live in the South!

P.S. Do not think that the girls in your area are less available than those in the North: especially when they have the opportunity to escape the control of relatives, friends and acquaintances (for example on vacation or off-site university) they become like all the others, that is, if you like yourself they fit, and if you don’t like you they don’t fit! Simple!

Thanks Mountain for your clear and sincere answers … For the fact of the andrologist, I went for luxury because there is one in my country that everyone talks about well and I will definitely go there.

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