The positive side of this is that if nothing else the accounts in question are real, they belong to real girls looking for dating, and they are not fake created ad hoc to make you greedy and spend money.

To determine if Meetic works for you or not, therefore, it is necessary that you decide not only if you are willing to pay or not, but also what goal you are aiming for (serious story \ marriage \ children \ fling), at what age, and at what quality .

This is noticeable from the first impact, when Meetic presents itself in front of us with a professional and well-finished graphic (among other things, also much improved compared to my test 2 years ago, a sign that there are still people who actively work on the site) .

Immediately after registering, I do not receive – as happens on scam sites – dozens of boarding attempts by beautiful apparently very libertine girls.

This is good news, because all these inviting approaches are, in 100% of cases, made by fake profiles: their only goal is to convince you to sign up for a subscription, and they will disappear once you get the money.

All accounts are sifted through manually by Meetic operators: the photos we upload must first be screened by the staff, and the same goes for the profile description.

If on the one hand this means slightly longer times (in my case it was just a few minutes), on the other it means that there is a lot of control in the area of ​​fake profiles.

Without a subscription, there is very little to do, except browse the profiles on the site or send them “crushes”.

We will not be able to send any message, unless the user we are interested in writes to us first and has the TOP option activated.

In fact, did you believe that, to fully enjoy the opportunities of Meetic, it was enough to take a pass? Not at all.

By purchasing a monthly pass, you can see the list of people who visit you or who drift for you, as well as send them messages … but they will not be able to write to you!

In practice, it’s all pretty useless, unless you buy the infamous TOP option which will give the people you write to the chance to reply to you.

If you have had the opportunity to read my 12 months story on Tinder, you will know that I think the best way to talk about a dating site is by telling, in practice, how my attempts at towing went. And if you have read everything (absolutely everything), you will also know that I have a good passion for telling in detail my (dis) adventures in online dating.

So here’s how I went through these 14 days (I warn you, it will be a very long paragraph!).

In this short period I have been able to chat with several girls… or rather, with many women, and some girls.

Certainly the fact of being one of the few under 30s on the site helped me, but above all what almost always guaranteed me at least one answer was my way of putting myself: in the midst of a herd of men capable only of treating a woman as a piece of living flesh to fuck, having a minimum of class and elegance in the first approaches allowed me to immediately stand out from the crowd.

I must say that, also thanks to the age difference, I did not find many people with whom I felt really comfortable and who were really interested in meeting live.

The few I would have gladly gotten to know were looking for a serious story, and when I wasn’t the one who gave up to avoid giving them false hope, they were the ones who pulled back when I hinted that I would not be “marital material” .

I had the pleasure of only going out with 2 of them… which, however, think about it, is not bad for 14 days of stay.

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