Then everyone is free to use the strategy they prefer, mind you πŸ˜‰

I WOULD LIKE TO SAY EXACTLY THE CONTRARY. MEETIC DOES NOT WORK, several protests have already been made to customer service requesting a refund NOT granted, indeed to put it in a numerical term that makes the idea better from 0 to 100%; 2% works. I am Alessandro from Florence, regularly registered with Meetic by paying the subscription for 6 months (expires in June 2020), and then with the deception they made me pay double (I realized late). Having said that let’s go back to my experience: after three months, I met only one woman in person with an appointment for an aperitif in a bar, a beautiful woman and interesting in character, but… it didn’t go; I wrote 36 messages with various phrases, that is, not all the same, 6 refused me, but the rest (for now February 2020) did NOT reply; I state that I am NOT an ugly, indeed! Therefore, there is no “room” where you can chat and get to know each other in a virtual way, because they tend to steal money from you to have more possibilities, (to try, I stress to try) to be more incisive you cannot do a close search in the area of residence, but they offer you women kilometers and kilometers away; you don’t know (if not paying) if the messages sent have been read. IN CONCLUSION! In conclusion MEETIC is a site to avoid, whoever tells you that it is good is because it has an “interest” in saying that it is good. To close my comment, I will leave the subscription to expire, I will write a few more messages … and then … Hi Hi Meetic, may they all go down the drain.

I signed up for meetic for pure fooling around. Sure I was looking for a serious story but I didn’t believe it so much. In fact, I made a top semester subscription in June 2019. In my profile there was a lot of simplicity and no secret or winking photos. I specified in the presentation of the profile that I had a disease and that in short I was looking for something serious. Meetic offered me daily choices, made C’ho visible and liked my profile. You can’t expect too much. A little bit of all of us have found people who are unhealthy and completely out of their minds. Here is both in real life but also virtual. You understand it from the way you approach it. I had 4 meetings, the first to be canceled but with the others, despite nothing being triggered, a friendship was born without weight on my heart.

While I was chatting I think with a pseudo surgeon or maybe a fake, I focused on a profile that had always struck me. It was there that I don’t know if it was me or him who wrote first because the like was reciprocal we exchanged the number. Just the fact of telling us these nonsense stories on the phone my heart laughed. And we met. So on meetic, although I paid for six months, I canceled in July. But he had done the test for a month. As they say, one in a thousand makes it πŸ™‚ and so I have to thank meetic for making me laugh so much with its varied proposals. Being someone who ignored the system, I liked everyone who liked me. Oh sir, I had to write an apologetic email for everyone. But 70-year-old gentlemen who have dedicated poems to me…. i was a lucky meetic woman.

I have a great sense of humor so even for those who have not respected the rules by sending me obscene photos, I smiled “oh sorry I don’t see anything, but in a while I’ll have dinner with my grandchildren and I’ll check better!”

Escape those who think they are striking by sending a photo of their mejo piece.

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