Now they have made a coalition, but this coalition will not last until the next years. There are two important differences between these existing groups and IS. The first is that ISIS does not even accept sects, and this idea will cause a rift with its partners. Second, all of these groups can unite under a political roof, but ISIS does not have such a policy of practice. They just try to control certain things in small places, but it is not like controlling Aleppo certain parts of Syria. It’s Iraq, Iraq’s oil reserves are thus neither America, nor Europe, nor the sacrifices Turkey easily. When they got two steps closer to Erbil, we immediately saw how there was an air strike. There is another world out there, and that world also has a lot of known and unknown equations. Currently, these equations are moving positively around IS. Because of religious and political connotations they will probably break up when they get the chance to think first, they have no opportunity to think now because they are fighting.

Ezidism is based on three pillars. Sheikhs, pirs and disciples. These groups are also divided into different groups within themselves. There is no marriage between these caste groups. This is one of the reasons for the population to decline. These groups are a religious caste and should not interfere with the caste system we have in mind. Not a top-down caste, but a horizontal caste. Within these groups, they divided the religious structure and thus made it livable verbally from generation to generation.

Many religious practices, marriage, divorce, etc. Sheiks conduct many official ceremonies. For example, qewals among the disciples are the only group that has the right to make official music. They make music in official ceremonies, festivals and cemeteries, which consists of tambourine and kaval, accompanied by a voice behind it. In the near future, they may have a hard time finding qewal to actually pray. Because there are 10-15 qewals left in total.

It is one of the most important stories that tells the emergence of Ezidism and its current structure. Meleke Tavus realizes that God is the person who created her and swears allegiance to him. Then God says to him, ‘You will not prostrate before anybody but me from now on. Just like humans, there will be tests for angels. You passed all the exams I did. So you will help in the process of the existence of the world, ‘he says, and they go to heaven with God. After a while, Adam is created. God wants everyone to bow down to Adam and Meleke Tavus says, ‘I will not prostrate to anyone but you’. The rebel becomes a sinful angel. And God punishes it and throws it into Purgatory. Meleke Tavus cries for 40 thousand years in Araf, collecting her tears. Later, God realizes that he has passed this test, and takes him to heaven. And it makes him an archangel. Later, Meleke Tavus extinguishes the fire of hell with tears in honor of that day. Therefore, it also eradicates evil in the world. On the other hand, we will not burn in a place called hell, nor will we be rewarded in a place called heaven. We will create them in the world. When we die, we will come to the world with the test of our previous life.

For many Yazidis and clergy there is no other world. But there is a disadvantage. Since they did not have any tangible books after the 13th century, they could not achieve any religious uniformity and many independent cultures emerged. But a new generation in Europe believes that heaven and hell will exist.

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We have stayed at about 500 thousand persons in Turkey, but the number of new immigration and how do we know how much of the discussion carried out even Ezidis of the other way around? Amed Gökçen from Bilgi University spoke.

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