It is highly probable that Peter was pre-appointed to witness a mysterious event, such as his punishment by taking the appearance of sa.

Here is an interesting conversation between the Apostle Peter and Jesus Christ in the book of apocalypse attributed to the apostle Peter. Peter asks where they are taking Jesus Christ:

Jesus Christ replies, “It is the living Jesus that appears on the tree, but the one that Peter saw is the one who replaced Jesus!” The incident is described in the book as follows:

«… But among us will be the so-called psychopaths and deacons, as if they had taken authority from God. They will bow down under the command of the present rulers. These people are like dried-up water channels. So let’s try to fulfill the will of the Father, who does not give up on his promise. Here comes those who will judge them, and they will be condemned to shyness. But they can’t touch me. And you Peter will stand among them. Do not be afraid because of your cowardice. Their grasp will be sealed, for the Unseen (the Batin) stood against them.

While he was saying these things, they took him over. And I said: What do I see, lord !? They’ve got you covered and you’re holding me tight? So who is the person who laughs gladly on this tree? Is this someone else whose hands and feet are struck with nails? .. The Savior said to me: I am the living Jesus, who laughed gladly on the tree.! But it is the part of his body that is pinned by his hands and feet and dragged into shame, he is the person who is likened to him. But look at him and me !.

When I looked later he said: Lord nobody is looking at you! Let’s get out of here! but she said: I told you! Leave the blind alone. And see they don’t know what they’re saying! Instead of my service, they put the child of their dignity to shame.

.. And at this moment I saw someone like him coming towards us, he was the person laughing on the tree. He was filled with a holy spirit and is the savior. And there was so great indescribable light around them, and an indescribable and invisible community of angels blessed them. And when I looked at him, that glorifying person appeared. And he said to me: Be strong you are who have been given these mysteries! ”(James Brashler and Roger A. Bullard, (Coptic) The Apocalypse of Peter, The Nag Hammadi Library, HarperCollins, San Francisco, 1990.)

In the continuation of the story, Jesus Christ comes and it is told that the crucified person was a boat filled with stones in which the devil resided, and the one standing next to it was the real Jesus they arrested and left. Jesus Christ laughs because they are blind to their understanding.

Paul has an incomprehensible logic. According to what he taught with a distorted quote from the Old Testament, everyone who hung on a tree was cursed! He did not hesitate to apply this humiliating statement (hasha!) To Christ as well:

“Christ delivered us from the curse of the Sharia by being cursed for us; for it is written: “Every one that hangs on a tree is cursed.” (Gal. 3:14)

According to the apocalyptic book of James, he heard about the events that happened to Jesus Christ and went to Gaugelan Mountain with the apostles and prayed there and waited for a sign.

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