The web giants Microsoft, Google and Skype then began to implement their own instant messaging system, so we have known Hangout, MSN Messenger and Skype.

These means of communication have revolutionized the way of communicating where the chat was already aging: the possibility of using a microphone / a webcam, dialogue with a list of pre-defined contacts, the perfect world in a way.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, you all know these applications that a few years ago were nothing. And yet, even if today you know them all, know that they did not revolutionize the genre by showing a lot of creativity … Let’s take a closer look at the one who copied the fundamental principle of chats .

This is the name given by the Académie Française to Anglicism that all good tweets know: the Hashtag. But what is the Hashtag anyway?

It is a word starting with a hash # and referencing all the sentences concerned by this word under a theme. That’s when I’m going to explain how a chat works in a little more detail: you’ll see, you’ll quickly understand!

But what can this word mean which designates the living room of a dwelling? On a chat, generally before connecting, you choose a list of rooms (also called rooms) on which you want to enter when you connect: these rooms are characterized by a theme and name … preceded by the character # (hash) .

Finally the masks fall, this sacrosanct hashtag is the culprit and it is nothing other than one of the fundamental principle initiated in 1988 by the creator of the IRC: Twitter took it over and gave it a facelift by giving it a neat English name and allowing chats to never time out and be forever accessible to anyone with internet access.

Following the next episode, we will share with you the turn and the possible evolution as we imagine the different actors. Until then, good chat!

Did you know that your eyes are the most delicate organs in the human body? We didn’t know that either until we did a little research on the Internet.

Since May 2018, we have launched a new version of the chat. This one is more sober, it sports dark colors less aggressive to the eye.

We want the best for our users and that’s why we have chosen these shades and this new presentation. Don’t like it or have a suggestion? Do not hesitate to let us know in the “Write to us” section at the bottom of the page.

Many websites have tried the darker, blacker fashion, but not necessarily for the preservation of your eyesight … Thus, a mirror site of the most famous search engine boasted of saving energy for Internet users. ‘using to do their research. As requests were received, the site proudly displayed a counter of Watts saved in the world.

We just have to wait for the next invention in terms of fashionable color, who knows, maybe we will all go pink or yellow … Prepare the sunglasses!

The chat experience of your visit to our network is important. We are constantly improving the quality of our service and are listening to your complaints, thanks and / or congratulations.

We have developed some incredible options on our chat applet: Anti-private is a feature that blocks unwanted private messages.

Our system is able to differentiate people who are looking to meet people (or share intimate moments) from those who just want to chat without ulterior motive.

Do not hesitate to “Ignore” to make disappear the chatters which do not interest you.

The content broadcast through our chat is strictly controlled (videos, radios), which is why you should only trust messages that you see arriving outside of the chat.

Some website links sent by other chatters contain viruses and could compromise the security of your computer.

The “video of the day” is a section that promotes video sharing. Send us suggestions for unusual, humorous, news, debate videos. We’ll post them in tomorrow’s videos!

Do you want to listen to an Internet radio? Webradio links have been integrated directly into the chat interface. It is no longer necessary to go through a third-party page.

This new feature integrates our partner radios while reducing the discomfort of popups (or multi-windows) for chatters.

Want to chat with people from a particular geographic area? For the moment, we offer an oriental chat room which is themed in the reception of Maghreb chatters and a moris chat room which is themed on Mauritius and Mauritians (blood or heart). We are considering creating rooms for other geographical areas.

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