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By Jimmy called the “Patrol”, October 17, 2015 (article updated January 14, 2020)

Subway work sleep. Between work, family meals and drinks with friends, we don’t have much time left to meet new people. Dating sites have made it possible for thousands of singles to find love – or not spend the night alone – but in recent years, apps have gradually supplanted them. No need to be at home in front of your computer to check your mailbox, now your phone is enough! In the office, in the Monoprix queue, on the road … wherever you are and at any time, you can now flirt anywhere, anytime with these applications. Comme un Camion has already been interested in meetings between farmers or between geeks, but never in meetings between boys. For one night or for life, men who love men also have the right to their apps, here are 10:

The Chinese are investing everywhere and even in the gay market! The Asian application has been a hit in China to the point of dethroning the American giant Grindr with 15,000,000 users. Its creator sees further and is developing his business all over the world. Today, the application is available in France but has many – if not only – Asian profiles (tourists).

Gaydar, a contraction of the words gay and radar, refers to the power of homosexuals to navigate among themselves in a heterosexual pack. The term is therefore perfectly suitable for an application of this kind. With childish simplicity, you can discover the men who are hiding around you and even elsewhere thanks to the search by address!

Is it still necessary to introduce Grindr? It’s the ultimate gay dating app, whether you’re straight, gay, bi, curious, everyone knows it and for good reason, it has over 10,000,000 users around the world. Here the boys are boiling hot! Like most of these apps, the line between dating and naughty is more than thin.

On the podium of the most used applications we find Hornet. The “hornet” allows you to interact with gays around the world but especially not far from home. Here, for the most naughty of you, you will have the possibility to put photos – often erotic or even downright pornographic – in private mode and manage their visibility. This option also works for the more timid / discreet.

This is one of the latest new arrivals on the market: Surge. The principle is simple and intentionally pumped up on that of Tindr; profiles are offered to you, on the left we throw, on the right we like. If there is a match, we talk. Also, you will be able to exchange visible videos for a limited time … like Snapchat what! Surge or how to intelligently plagiarize two successful applications …

Maleforce or the app for virile males, but not only! Same principle as for most dating apps, you hunt down guys in your neighborhood. New, on your profile you can display a video and even leave a voice message to introduce yourself or just to show off the sensuality of your voice. Convenient to avoid unpleasant surprises.

On Mon Gars, when you like a guy you can send him a “flash”, fill your cart with “flash encounters” or just go talk to him. Even if the application is free, we are quickly limited and the paid option becomes necessary to continue a conversation for example. Pity !

Like Badoo, the gay dating site Planet Romeo has given birth to its mobile version. Once again, nothing innovative, the applications follow and resemble each other, just choose the one or those that suit us. Funny and playful, we can send more or less distinguished smileys-compliments. We’ll let you judge for yourself …

With Grindr and Hornet, Scruff completes the top three of the most popular applications. Before you can even hunt the horny male, you will be asked what types of men you like to make your search easier. So you can filter out athletic guys, bears, soldiers and even “daddie hunters” more or less close to you.

Among the most used applications is Wapo. This has a classic operation; you create your profile and the hunt is on! You see the guys closest to you and even around the world thanks to the travel mode. Filter profiles for easy search. Millions of users around the world use it, maybe your future husband or lover who knows.

We could have cited a bunch of other applications but, when you know that the principle remains essentially the same every time, 10 that’s not bad. No need to accumulate them because your research will be time consuming and – practical matter – if you have a smartphone with low storage capacity, these applications will eat up the little space you have. Also, you can use Tindr and Happen-type applications which initially target a heterosexual population but which do not necessarily exclude gays. Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram, either! With its “direct” option, it is possible to chat “directly” with your followers, a real hunting ground. Gentlemen, good dating!

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