An efficient, convenient and fun to use gay dating site is good. But the same without having to pay, that would be even better, wouldn’t it?

There is a free gay dating site that we have tested: Betolerant. You can consult our article, for the details of our experience, but as so often on free dating sites, several elements interfere with navigation. There are a lot of fake profiles here, so you are constantly on your guard, which is not really pleasant. In addition, despite an announced subscriber count of 70,000 users, it seems most of the time that the site is empty. Too bad, we found all the same here very good ideas like its newspaper part.

There are other totally free gay dating sites, but they generally have the same flaws, sometimes accentuated. Too many false profiles, payment scams, inactive members… Better to spend a few euros to guarantee security and efficiency.

There are several key points to consider when choosing a gay dating site. Depending on your expectations, the platform may vary but the following criteria are applicable to all.

The effectiveness of the site: hard to judge before trying it, yet this is the most important criterion. A good gay dating site should allow you to get responses to your messages (+ 80% responses, that’s good), to chat at any time on the site and to have quality members available. Those who additionally have a mobile version that allows you to stay online are also interesting.

Some sites like ForceGay offer a 3-day trial period, so feel free to use that to judge a platform’s effectiveness.

The number of profiles and their distribution: The number of registered members is important, as is the number of members logged in during your session (which is often displayed in the chat). The more members there are, the more people you can meet.

It is also important to verify that profiles are registered in your region. If you live in one of the major cities in France, you shouldn’t have a problem. For others, it may be good to register for free and do a quick search to see the results because some towns or villages are not necessarily well off on that side.

The theme of the site: Depending on what you are looking for, a sex scene or a serious story for example, you should choose the platforms that best suit your expectations. As we have said, for serious meetings we will favor Meetic Gay or Elite Rencontre Gay. If you are more looking for naughty encounters between men or between women, then you will choose Force Gay or GayfriendFinder.

Prices: Depending on the range of site chosen, prices may vary. You can register from 7 euros per month by taking advantage of promotions on certain platforms, and these prices can climb to 100 euros for a single month of subscription. In the latter case, we always recommend opting for a longer subscription, to take advantage of decreasing prices. In general, the prices are those of specialized sites and remain affordable.

There are a few basic rules to know when dating a gay dating site. This can save you some unpleasant surprises.

There are many ways to meet homosexuals, in parties, in clubs or on the internet. The latter method is increasingly popular as it is in harmony with our current lifestyle. We are short on time, due to the hectic pace of life, and a gay dating site allows us to quickly connect with interesting people that we would never have known otherwise.

We save time thanks to these sites, and they allow the most frivolous to multiply contacts and experiences, and others to find a partner with whom to consider the future. So here we have platforms that have been able to adapt to the desires of each member of the LGBT community and which offer the opportunity for many gay couples to form.

Depending on your desires, choose the right site and find out what awaits you online!

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