The Administration of the Community of Madrid will adopt the appropriate corrective measures to avoid the unjustified absenteeism of its personnel, which will consist, among others, of the following:

a) In the event of repeated absences from work, the Administration of the Community of Madrid may verify the state of illness or accident of the worker that is alleged by the latter to justify them, in accordance with the provisions of article 20.4 of the consolidated text of the Workers’ Statute Law.

b) Workers must register in the time control system enabled in their workplace the entries and exits corresponding to their working day.

c) All absences, whatever their cause, will require immediate notice to the person in charge of the corresponding unit and its subsequent justification to the competent body in personnel matters.

d) The proportional deduction of salaries will proceed as a result of the difference between the assigned working day and the one actually carried out, in cases in which the breach incurred is not sufficiently justified, in accordance with the provisions of article 172 .

e) Application, where appropriate, of article 52.d) of the revised text of the Workers’ Statute Law, without taking into account for these purposes the situations contemplated in the second paragraph of the same nor those that in accordance with the present agreement have a treatment that conventionally justifies the absence.

The fulfillment of all the commitments derived from this agreement involve obligations of an economic nature for the Community of Madrid will be carried out based on the approval of the General State Budgets and the General Budgets of the Community of Madrid, as well as, when appropriate , the degree of compliance with the objectives of budgetary stability, public debt and the expenditure rule by the Community of Madrid.

1. The professional categories of the previous agreement that disappear as a result of the new classification system will be integrated into the new categories, in accordance with the table that appears as annex IV or, where appropriate, remain with the character of “to be extinguished” , as indicated in Annex V.

2. The labor personnel belonging to the previous categories that, by virtue of the provisions of section 1, are incorporated into the categories created in this agreement, will be directly integrated into the new reference category.

These personnel will continue to occupy the jobs that they had been performing prior to the implementation of the new classification system, with the definitive or provisional character with which they were assigned to them.

Likewise, it will retain in the new category all the rights that it had consolidated in the category of origin, and the services provided in it will be computed as if they had been in that category.

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