It’s no secret: Buyers need products and services in order to be able to establish and assert themselves in the market. Acquiring customers is an integral part of sales. It determines the short, medium and long-term success of a company. Your goal is to turn a potential prospect into a willing customer. This process is known as customer acquisition.

The acquisition of customers should not be confused with a sales pitch. This term is often mistakenly used as a synonym. However, customer acquisition is a process. Every conversation in the course of customer acquisition is basically a goal-oriented sales conversation with its own subordinate goal, the ultimate goal of “closing the sale”. The respective goals of a conversation depend, for example, on whether you and your company are known to your interlocutor, what position your interlocutor holds and what phase of the sales process you are with your customer.

The process of customer acquisition could perhaps be compared to online dating. Imagine, purely hypothetically, that you have met someone via an online platform and your first real, personal meeting takes place. At this meeting, would you ask this person if you would like to marry them? Most likely not. And it is the same with the acquisition of new customers. At the first meeting, your potential customer is not yet ready to “marry” you – in this case it would be the purchase of your service or your product.

With cold calling by telephone, potential business and private customers have not yet had any contact with your company. They don’t know the product or the service. As a seller, you actively seek contact and try to establish a business relationship. It makes a difference whether the person you are speaking to has a decision-making position or whether you are connected to the secretary or the switchboard. In this case, the goal is limited to generating contact with a lead. In a follow-up discussion, a so-called qualification or discovery call, you speak to a responsible person who has previously been able to familiarize himself with your product and service.

In the course of an inbound sales approach, the potential new customer already knows the company and the product. In the optimal case, an intention to buy has already been announced on his part. Here the Inbound SPIN is suitable for the first personal contact on the phone.The lead was generated e.g. via your content marketing. The goal of the conversation is a successful business deal or, depending on the type of product, the agreement of a product demo. This is common especially in the B2B software sector.

Another promising method is mail acquisition.

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