ith doggedness and impatience you definitely get nothing.

Do you want to maintain a friendship with certain benefits? Have you fallen in love over your ears and would like to capture your chosen one sooner or later? Or do you think the app sucks and want to finish the chapter on online dating before it does more damage than you already find in your unsatisfied existence? Everything is perfectly fine, just do what you feel 100% comfortable doing and enjoy the endless possibilities that are available to you via online dating: For example, try out a sport with your date that you have never done before have been considering, let yourself be carried away to a previously unknown restaurant and order a dish that you have never tasted, attend a concert and let yourself be introduced to a completely new style of music, play through all parts of your personality (if you, for example prefer to wear a baggy look, dress up on occasion and see if you enjoy it) and of course according to all the rules of the art … Let yourself be entertained, sprinkled, inspired and live the moment!

Online dating is a wonderful personal experience that I can only warmly recommend to everyone! A great tool to get to know yourself better and possibly even develop a healthier sense of self. Of course, also to have one or the other exciting experience that you would otherwise probably have missed. The only disadvantage, in my opinion, is the superficial blurring and the fact that we fall into stubborn pigeonhole thinking, hasty evaluations and decisions. As long as you are aware of this process and keep a close eye on your behavior, nothing can actually go wrong … at least almost nothing! 😉

Well, I don’t regret a day that I devoted to this app at the toilet, because not only have wonderful new friendships developed over the past year and a half, I also had the opportunity to discover completely new sides of myself, myself with ingenious hobbies and other views on life, and most importantly – I’ve rarely laughed so much! In the meantime, I only operate the whole thing as a source of inspiration from which I occasionally want to draw for future texts. I only want to be intimate with select people anyway. Nonetheless, a little flirting is always possible. I found my match with this young man particularly refreshing, hahaha:

… or maybe yes?! 😉 Well, whether this meeting will ever take place and whether I will spoil them or not, is probably still in the stars. In this sense, good luck with the next match! May the games begin, muaharrrr …

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