Our author Ercilasun Oğuzname emphasizes important issues related to his work. Mistakes, attention, dating… We wanted our readers to see this conversational article published in the February issue of Türk Dili magazine.

The first article about the Oghuznames was published in 1986, Turkish Language Studies Yearbook – Belleten: “Some Thoughts on the Legend of Oguz Khan”. Actually a statement text. The paper I presented at the Altayists Conference held in Tashkent in 1986. It means that I have been dealing with Oghuznames ever since.

When I dealt with the Oghuznames, and when you present a paper at an international meeting, you think that you are a scholar, I made my first pedantry in that declaration. While talking about Abu Bakr Abdullah’s work titled Ulu Han Ata Bitigçi, I wrote very confidently as follows:

“We think there is a mistake in the title of the book. The letter cim placed between kef and the letter ye in the word ‘bitigci’ is an error arising from not understanding the word. It will be ‘end’, not ‘finished’. “

Look how confident I am speaking. However, if I read the text carefully until the end, maybe I will notice. Abu Bakr Abdullah + CI suffix is ​​not only used in the title of the book. It is also used in the names of the first ancestors of the Turks: Ulu Ay Ataçı, Ulu Ay Anaçı. Moreover, the name of the mountain where the cave where they were created is located is Kara Tagçı. Is the author or the author making a mistake in all of them? Should I at least express a doubt? So, in 1986, I felt very well-informed. Since the same suffix is ​​used in all four words, I never thought that there must be a reason for this. But it is also a fact that the subject has puzzled my mind for years.

Years later I wrote a novel called 2BA and discussed the subject there. The protagonist of the novel, Centaurus, speaks in his soul, which he calls 2BA. 2BA says that Ebubekir is a “liar”. Centaurus, stuck with the word “liar”, unravels the secret of the + CI suffix: “-How, the secret is in this word. –What secret? – + The secret of the crop. You know I’ve been trying to understand these strange names in Ebubekir for over a year. Ulu Ay Anaçı, Ulu Ay Ataçı, Kara Tagçı… What are the + çı in these words? I was stuck because he made professional names. However, I kept saying that the main function of + çı is sympathy. Liar does not buy or sell lies, he loves lies. “

Serde dilcilik, I also make the hero of the novel linguist. However, there is something about it that makes me smile. A colleague of mine with whom I signed the book takes a glance at the book. This is exactly the episode. “Teacher, he says, can I use this in an article about the function of the + cross?” Of course I am smiling. The novel will be cited in an article on language. Maybe I should have been happy about my novel, but I’m just smiling.

My shortcoming in the paper is not just my arrogance in correcting the title of the book. Again, years later, I realize that one of our historians thought that the letter cim was spelled extra long before me. Zeki Togan Walid our teacher, do not set foot in Turkey in 1925 wrote a very important pillar of the powder article: “Signs of the Turkish national legend.”

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